Language Translation Services

Language Translation

CC Infotech provides a wide array of Language Translations services dependent on client requirements. The company has served technical, scientific, medical, literary, and business clients in various types of translation services. Whether a client seeks document, text, or verbal translation, CC Infotech is equipped to handle their requests. Below is a list of types of translations the company offers to clients:
  • Absolute Translation Absolute translation involves complete literal translation of text without any alteration of content or form of the original document.

  • Abstract Translation In abstract translation, a summary is given of all the information in the source translation in the form of general themes, a description of specific information, or a condensed version of useful content.

  • Keyword Translation In keyword translation, only the keywords, indicating basic concepts of a text, are transferred into a desired language to determine the necessity of full translation and how the text should be translated. The words are usually structured to indicate importance.

  • Selective Translation Selective translation involves a rendering of details related to a specific aspect of the source translation. Irrelevant information is disregarded. Additional explanatory notes are often included to add depth to the certain subject of translation.

  • Sight Translation Sight translation is the oral translation of a written text that usually occurs without preparation, on-demand, and normally in a professional environment.
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