Language Interpretation Services

Language Interpretation

CC Infotech’s Language Interpretation services continue to be an invaluable offering for the company. The multi-faceted type of interpretation the company offers is unparalleled in the industry. This translates into the company being able to provide a service that gives back to communities with LEP racial and ethnic groups. CC Infotech offers:
  • Community Interpreting – This form of interpreting enables the company to provide a public service in helping those people who do not speak the majority language of the community where they reside. These opportunities occur in police, school, health care, and community service agency environments. Client interactions are usually one-on-one, but also bi-directional as well.

  • Telephone Interpreting – Telephone interpreting has become a vital tool in the interpreting industry. The company’s skilled telephone interpreters not only have extraordinary language fluency, but also special communicative talent. The advantage of CC Infotech telephone interpreters is the ability for them to be sensitive to many cultural backgrounds and dialects while assisting LEP callers with exceptional customer service.

  • Conference Interpreting – In offering conference interpreting services, the company employs simultaneous and consecutive techniques in interpreting for international conferences or other high-profile meetings and conferences, and mediating between a speaker and the audience.

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