Cultural Awareness Services

Cultural Awareness

Cultural awareness services have grown to be especially relevant to addressing racial and ethnic disparities in healthcare. The cross cultural awareness programs have been designed to assist individuals, teams and organizations to work more effectively across borders and cultures. The company’s cross cultural awareness programs are designed not only as an introduction to cultural awareness, but also as a practical guide to communicating effectively across cultures, helping clients establish the foundation, framework and tools to become culturally competent and sensitive to other cultures. CC Infotech has experts who provide technical assistance on cultural sensitivity skills needed in various industries, including healthcare. An example includes CC Infotech leveraging both cultural awareness programs and cultural competency trainings to improve patient-provider relationships.

CC Infotech recognizes that linguistic and cultural knowledge are two of the most vital areas of knowledge that organizations must come to acquire if they are to integrate, progress and succeed in their programs. Cultural competency training programs require both an understanding of in-culture nuances as well as lifestyles of the groups of people that an organization is trying to reach.

The company’s proven track record in exceeding the expectations of clients has earned CC Infotech an outstanding reputation as innovators and cultural specialists. CC Infotech specializes in providing the highest quality of services to LEP populations in a manner that demonstrates both knowledge and respect.
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